IT TOP Sp. z o.o. is a team consisting of the experienced professionals, who comprehensively support companies and institutions in the field of IT. We create and implement modern and functional solutions. Our services are of the highest quality. Every customer is treated individually, as we offer a wide range of services and products matching the customers' needs. Cooperation with us means lower operating costs and satisfaction. In our offer, you can find solutions that will promote your company, differentiate it from the competitors
and achieve real financial benefits.

Valdemar Bożek

Valdemar Bożek

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Gregory Kuczera

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Sylvia Bozek

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Matthew Jachym


Our technologies and principles

Below we present a brief description of the technologies, which give us the basis for unique solutions. Meeting with our advisers enables you to get to know the following techniques and key principles. The work is our passion, so we approach each project with a full commitment.


Responsivity of the web pages and applications is especially appreciated by the smartphone and tablet users. Innovation of this technique ensures alignment of the web page with any type of device, on which it is displayed.


HTML5 is the latest version of the language, used to create and present web pages. Works on this language were completed in 2014. HTML5 introduced multitude of new elements improving creation of websites and applications.


CSS3 is currently the latest specification of the language designed to create the possibility to manage the elements appearing on the web page in a flexible way. CSS3 gives an opportunity to manage the form of the whole website presentation.


JavaScript is a script language used for creating web pages. Among other things, it allows you to create interactive web pages, using the functions enabling the graphics modification. JavaScript guarantees interesting and impressive graphic effects, achieved easily and quickly. .


PHP is an object-oriented programming language for generating web pages and for web application development. Using PHP, the program code is dynamically generated. PHP is a sophisticated language with developed database tools and classes or libraries programs.


Database is a tool used to collect and organize information and it is an essential element of every developed website. There are many database engines. Choosing the right engine is conditioned by the specific needs which, as an experienced team, we can adjust to the client.


SEO is a set of techniques designed to achieve the highest position in the search engines. We know how to get high page visibility. In the page codes we use techniques that are consistent with the principles of the search engines such as Google. Our specialists know how to promote the web page.


When creating the applications and web pages, database security is the fundamental element for us. Because of the increasing risk to data, we constantly improve our qualifications in the field of security. We aim to minimize the risk. We use the latest standards. We provide our customers with the safe and confidential work environment.


We offer a wide range of services. Cooperation with us guarantees the tangible benefits in the form of improving the company's image, increasing the work efficiency and gaining the new markets. We can meet any challenge, because nothing is impossible for us.

Web pages

We create web pages using the latest, impressive technologies that are adjusted to the client. Our so-called e-cards will stay in your memory for a long time. Developed CMS websites we create are intuitive, functional and presented in the unique way.

Online shops

We create the online shops in accordance with the clients preferences. Selling online allows the clent and the owner of the e-shop to get time and convenience. The e-shops designed by us enables you to get and keep the customer. They can also be used to build the database of contacts, which gives an opportunity to keep the valuable client.


We have long-standing experience in creating applications dedicated to the enterprises. We offer web, native and hybrid applications. We are specialised in web applications. We create new solutions to make the work more efficient and we develop or integrate implemented systems.

Commercial graphic design

We create timeless, easily recognizable and memorable e logos. Our logotypes guarantee that you will stand out from the competition. The original logo supports the process of building brand awareness and shaping its image. On the customer's request, we create advertising brochures and catalogues. We design business cards, notebooks, posters and business paper and briefcases.

Advertising films

To make the form of promotion more attractive and to encourage the client, we create advertising, instructive and promotional films. Through this form of presentation, the clients can become familiar with the production process, methods of the particular products installation and enterprises standards in a quick and accessible way. Films make the advertisement complete and more reliable and they develop the company's reputation.


Our experience in programming the applications dedicated to the enterprises is used to create useful web and native applications. We create web pages with functionality fully adapted to the client. Below we present some of our projects.

Website and e-shop It's My Toy Box



English realization which shows and enables making orders of fully customized product which is ... Toy Box. Thanks to readability and variety of product presentations with complex mechanisms of ordering, the site is really exceptional. The project has been fully tailored to customer needs.
Technology: RWD, HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP.

Website (CMS) with systems of booking and ordering COMIX



Expanded CMS with the functionality of an online store, created for Comix restaurant from Ireland. Enables: website content management, planning a weekly menu, booking and ordering...
Technology: RWD, HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP.

Website Fasson Dorota Wróbel



Varied way of presenting unique products was for us the most important task in creating this website. We used presentations which are effective, consistent and easy for customers. Due to the need of frequent updating of the site we implemented the ability to easily changing the content and form of presentation (CMS).
Technology: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, RWD.




Website based on new technologies, has flashy animations and clear transfer of information coupled with a highly intuitive and functional CMS.
Technology: RWD, HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP.

GM Trade - website



Modern and expanded website GM TRADE . The intuitive interface and transparency were the main objectives at the building . We are convinced that the objective has been achieved. Implementation also included the creation of a logo and business cards. Technology: RWD , HTML5 , CSS3 , JS , PHP.

E-shop MS-Okna



MS-OKNA e-shop can be characterized by rich functionality in form of shopping. There was used a set of solutions, both in ordering process and product management. In standard: RWD, HTML5, CSS3, JS.

Muzykor - Audycje muzyczne


This page is a modern e-card in creating of which there were used the latest, available standards of web languages: HTML5, CSS3. This page is based on RWD technology, which gives possibility to adjust the web page to the screen of device, on which it is displayed.



Web application, based on the latest internet technologies, was created in order to integrate the electrical warehouse with Allegro service. Its widely developed mechanisms optimize the process of publishing, planning and putting the items for auction. We encourage you to find more project details below.



The "Merchants" is a web application, that automates and advance the display of products from the e-shop, such as Quick.Cart in Google Shopping.

Logo and folders IT TOP

Paper and card

Examples of the logos and advertising brochures, that guarantee your company will stand out from the competition.

Film reklamowy


Example of the advertising film-"Desert".
It perfectly exposes technical and artistical skills of our cameraman.

Film instruktażowy


Example of the advertising film-"Two Marks": There were used techniques typical for instructive movies


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